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Marisol Perez

Born and raised in Mexico City. She has a multicultural professional background, she has worked with diverse groups in several diverse countries such as Trinidad and Tobago and Spain. Completed her degree as an attorney in Mexico and her business degree in Belgium. Immigrated to the USA in 2016. Uses her background as an attorney and her multicultural life experiences to make our office the most welcoming and ethical place to work as a staff member and to come as a client.

Languages: English — Spanish


Ellie Sima

Our Office Assistant has 13 years in non profit work. From working with homeless to working with children and their families. Her welcoming and friendly approach will creates a atmosphere of first point of contact to starting with your assigned therapist an easy transition.

Ellie’s vast experience working with different languages, cultures, and socio-economic populations in conjunction with her administrative professionalism and skills makes Ellie a great asset to the Multi-Lingual team. Please feel free contact her for referral information 510-451-0661.

Languages: English — Spanish

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