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Considering that the institute provides psychotherapy to a rather large Persian speaking population it is in a unique position to conduct pioneering research on the specific types of mental illness suffered by them and the effectiveness of the specific types of therapy that could help this population. Thus, a research has been designed to analyze these specific matters

The hypothesis that is going to be tested in this project is that specific types of psychopathology that are observed among the Afghan and Iranian population residing in the USA are strongly correlated with their specific religious affiliations, their political orientations, their Socio-Economic status, and their gender. In this context different diagnoses are going to be examined in relation to Shiite as well as the Sunnite Islamic affiliation, in addition to the Jewish, Christian, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Sikh, and Hindu ones. Besides, Psychopathology is going to be examined in relation to the political orientations of the Monarchists, Republicans, Islamists, and Communists. The same is going to be done in relation to the socio-economic status of the workers, the middle class, and the Capitalists and the land owners. Finally the impact of gender upon the specific forms of mental illness that people suffer is going to be analyzed.